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IT at Don

Information Technology at Don College

Student Operated Help Desk

Students studying "Information Technology" at Don College operate this IT support desk as part of their training.
It is a simulated work environment which offers free general computer maintenance and support for Don staff and students.

The help desk aims to provide an authentic learning environment where students can take part in realistic workplace activities, experience a variety of scenarios, use industry standard equipment and systems, and probably most importantly - develop interpersonal skills by dealing with real clients.

You can access our Help Desk here:
or describe your issue below, and we'll get back to you ASAP via email!

We can help with issues such as:

Student fixing a computer

Any issues that can't be resolved, can be passed on to the Campus IT Support Staff.


Computer Lab - 1 Feb 2021

Information Technology is everywhere! It's a part of every industry, and it is an industry in itself.

We aim to give students a broad set of skills useful in the IT industry, including: communication, documentation, trouble shooting, and problem solving skills.

As part of their studies, students work on the "Student Operated Help Desk", a simulated work environment that provides IT suport for staff and students.

Students complete tasks such as building computers, setting up servers, creating networks, writing code, designing websites, editing video, communicating with clients, and more.

The course content is informed by the local IT industry to ensure that what we teach is actually what happens in the IT workplace.

Students study Certificate II or Certificate III in Information Technology, and the Cisco IT Essentials course.

Cisco Academy Nationally Recognised Training